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No investment and risk free
If you start drop shipping with us, you won’t have to hold any inventory, you don’t need start-up cost or any other investment.
Quick start and easy operation
Click on the products you want to sell and the information will be uploaded to your Socialshops store automatically.
Extended catalogs and qualified suppliers
You will select products only from qualified suppliers that we selected for you and get rid of the frustration of error shipment or low-quality packing.
Order fulfillment and all support
After purchase, just update the shipping information to your Socialshops and nothing else. No worries about packaging or shipping at all.

4 steps to quick start on dropshipping

Setup Store

First and most importantly, you have to register a Socialshops account.

Get Started
Find Product

Choose the product and then upload the information to your Socialshops store.

Start Sourcing Now
Share to Sell

Choose the product and share to Facebook. Some content marketing will make it more attractive.

Know More
Order Fulfillment

Make the purchase after the order, and then update the shipping and tracking information.

  • Now I can focus on sales instead of worrying about error shipping or bad packaging. All the suppliers Socialshops has chosen are reliable and qualified and they have really good reputation. If there were a few mistakes, Socialshops has taken care of them for me.
  • With Socialshops, I was able to increase my sale categories. The best part is that I don’t have to hold any inventory or spend more money for that. I don’t have to worry about the high budget for start-up because there is no risk at all.

All for your online business success with ease

Socialshops e-commerce solution, enables your online business with social marketing, product sourcing and data managing, to make it simple and efficient.

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from electronics to apparel, from makeup to toys.

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